Greetings from Shanghai, my last stop on this Asian lecture tour!   I have received a huge response to my last blog “The Most Powerful Kind of Healing:  Not Desiring a Cure??!!

To more adequately honor the monk who took the initiative to start the Center for cancer patients and families, I would like you to know his name.  His name is Pra Ajarn Paponpat Jiradhammo and he is respectfully known as ‘Luang Ta’ by the villagers.   My Thai colleague/friend Dr Somporn is also sending him a copy of the blog and I can only hope that I have represented his comments well.

I’ve also included a couple of photos of this monk on the previous blog.  One photo shows some of the patients/family members, with their herbal preparations on their laps, meeting with the monk for his blessing on the herbal preparation.  The other photo is the meeting we had with Pra Ajarn Paponpat Jiradhammo at the end of our visit.

To view the previous blog with the photos, just click on the following:

I am delighted that so many of you have found my reflection about the fascinating phenomena that letting go of the desire for a cure tends to invite healing as a useful one for yourselves.