Wright, L.M. (2013).  Don’t Get Married…Unless.  4th Floor Press, Calgary, AB, Canada.

This is a radical book about when NOT to marry! I profoundly believe in the sanctity and sacredness of marriage. However, I believe that many persons should never marry while others should postpone marriage if they suffer from:

    • late maturation
    • selfishness
    • poor decision-making, and/or
    • inadequate relationship skills.

Specifically, Dr. Wright offers ideas on everything from how to guard against emotional and sexual affairs to how to guard against intrusive in-laws.  This book is guaranteed to challenge current views and beliefs about marrying, marriage, and marital bliss.

Single persons will learn to make better decisions about who NOT to marry! They will also come to appreciate their singleness as a time to improve and grow in order to bring their best selves forward should an opportunity for marriage occur.

For those already married, this book offers hope, appreciation, and tools for what it takes to create marital bliss and how to have a “bullet proof” marriage.

“Although this book is focussed on marriage, it has some great tenets about ANY relationships you may have whether with friends or people at work.  Her integration of cases highlights the layers of complexties that there can be in marriages and makes for easy understanding of the priniciples that Dr. Wright is focussing on. Both women and men will find this book extremely helpful when they are dating. Teenagers and younger adults will absorb some guidelines for relationship behaviours. The content has something also for people who are aleady married and possibly going through a rough time.  It’s the kind of book that you leave on the coffee table and everyone will pick it up, read it, and will learn something from it. The clarity about how to make relationships work makes this book a “must read!
Brenda Kosaka, Ph.D., R.Psych

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