February 5 Saying Goodbye:  Clinical Practices that Soften Suffering and Promote Healing. Invited Lecture by Shibuya Longevity Health Foundation, Fukuyama, Japan.

February 6 How to Soften Suffering with Couples Experiencing Illness?  Invited Lecture by Division of Nursing Science, Hiroshima University, Hiroshima, Japan.

April 28 Spirituality in Nursing: Myth or Reality? Invited Keynote address for Portuguese Council of Nurses, Lisbon, Portugal.

May 2 Caring for the Family is an Ethical and Moral Obligation: What does every nurse need to know and practice?Invited Workshop by Madeira Regional Section of the Order of Nurses, Maderia, Portugal.

May 17 What are the Spiritual Care Practices that Soften Illness Suffering? Oral presentation at European Conference on Religion, Spirituality, and Health, Coventry, United Kingdom.

May 22-25 Advanced Family Nursing Externship. Invited 4 day Externship by Institute of Nursing, Zurich University of Applied Science, Winterthur, Switzerland with Dr Janice Bell.

June 3 Softening Illness Suffering in Family Nursing: A Moral and Loving Obligation Oral Presentation at 5th Nordic Conference in Family Focused Nursing, Tampere, Finland.

October 9 – 12 Iceland Family Nursing Externship. Invited 4 day Externship by University of Akureyri, Akureyri, Iceland with Dr Janice Bell. Web site

September 14 Suffering and Spirituality: Exploring Practices that Soften Suffering and Promote Healing. Invited workshop by Good Samaritan Society, Edmonton, AB, Canada.