My current approach is to offer 1-2 consultation meetings on Zoom and then offer my best professional advice based on 45 years of clinical practice. We will work together to soften your suffering, anguish, and/or heartbreak. My clients pay by Etransfer at the end of each session. Click here for more information.

Lectures 2023

March 13-15: What is the Connection between Spirituality and Suffering?: The Moral and Ethical Obligation for Clinicians. Invited lecture for 8th International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology, Bangkok, Thailand.

March 17: The Pursuit of Happiness: A Sure Road to Suffering and Struggle. Invited lecture for the 1st International Conference on Happiness and Well-Being. Bangkok, Thailand.

April 6 & 7th: Caring for Families: The Foundations of Family Nursing and 10 Hot Tips for Nursing Practice. Invited Family Nursing Seminars, Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences, Hiroshima University, Hiroshima, Japan.

June 21-23: What is the Most Compelling Global Family Nursing Clinical Skill?: Curious Compassion. Expert Lecture for 16th International Family Nursing Conference, Dublin, Ireland.

June 30, 2023: Suffering and Spirituality: What are the Clinical Practices that Promote Healing? Invited workshop for Canadian Association of Parish Nursing, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

August 18. From Clinical Skills to Softening Suffering: Bringing Forth Love. Invited Lecture for Calgary Family Therapy Centre 50th Anniversary, Calgary, AB, Canada.

September 26 & 29, 2023: What are the Effective Clinical Practices that Soften Suffering and Invite Love and Healing?: Lessons learned from theory, research and practice. Invited workshop by Calgary Adolescent Addiction Mental Health Psychiatry Program, Calgary, AB, Canada.

October 25: Softening Illness Suffering with Individuals/Families in Palliative Care: What are the Clinical Practices that Matter?   Invited Webinar for Canadian Palliative Care Nursing Association.

November 24: Suffering and Spirituality in Hospice Care: What are the effective clinical practices for every family/patient?  Invited Zoom lecture for Heart House Hospice, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

News & Events

July 10, 2022Order of Canada – Heartfelt thanks to all the many colleagues/family/friends for their congratulations and kind words on the great honour of receiving this award!

New Book 

Illness Beliefs:  The heart of healing in families and individuals (2021).  Dr Janice Bell and I are excited to announce the 3rd edition of our book that features our Illness Beliefs Model. The 3rd revised edition of our book provides updates and refinements of our Illness Beliefs Model and more conciseness of our worldviews.

A kindle and print version of our book is now available on Amazon: click here

100 Country Quest

I have now visited 84 countries. My goal is to visit 100 countries to learn more about families and illness suffering and illness beliefs and offer that knowledge to my health professional colleagues … read more