2013, 6th Edition by Drs. Lorraine M. Wright and Maureen Leahey.

Harness the power of the nurse-family relationship!
Rely on evidence and practice based guidelines for everything you need to know about family assessment and interventions to confidently prepare for clinical practice with families.

The ideal ‘how-to’ book!
Thoroughly revised and updated, the 6th Edition expands beyond the boundaries of practice,
education, and research to help you reduce illness suffering and promote family health.

  • NEW CHAPTER! How to Move Beyond Basic Family Nursing Skills.
  • UPDATED & EXPANDED! The evidence and practice based, Calgary Family Assessment and Intervention Models for current best practices.
  • NEW! How to “bring the family into the room” when working with an individual.
  • NEW! Tips and micro skills for interviewing families of the elderly.
  • NEW! Descriptions of rapidly changing demographic patterns in American families.
  • ENHANCED! Emphasis on working with families dealing with complex issues.

From theory to practice, polish the clinical skills you need to…

✓ Prepare, conduct, terminate, and document family interviews.
✓ Discover practical ideas and examples for effective clinical interviewing.
✓ Conduct a 15 minute (or shorter) family interview.
✓ Avoid the three most common errors in family interviewing.
✓ Interview an individual from a family perspective.
✓ Understand and address diverse issues relating to culture, class, gender, and sexual orientation through the family life cycle.

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