Virtual Lectures

April 8 & 15 Illness Beliefs: The Invisible Heart of Healing. Invited Online Webinars for Family Focused Course, Department of Nursing, Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden.
March 24 Conversations with Leaders: Illness Suffering and Spirituality. Invited presentation by Compassionate Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada.
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June 29 The Calgary Family Assessment and Intervention Models:  Creators Interview One Another. Podium Presentation (co-presenter Dr Maureen Leahey) at Virtual 15th International Family Nursing Conference.
June 30 COVID-19: An Urgent Call for Nurses to Understand, Practice, and Embrace Family Systems.  Expert Lecture (co-presenter Dr Janice Bell) at Virtual 15th International
Family Nursing Conference.
October 19 – 23 Advanced Family Nursing Externship. Invited 4 day Virtual Externship by Institute of Nursing, Zurich University of Applied Science, Winterthur, Switzerland with Dr Janice Bell.