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January 9 How to Enhance Family Systems Nursing in Japan: Hot Tips for Research, Practice,
and Education.

How to Apply Family Systems Nursing into Practice: The Key Lies in Effective Knowledge
Opening the Conversation in Palliative Care: Embracing Suffering to Promote Family
. Invited lectures for Kagoshima University, Kagoshima, Japan.
January 12/13 Why and How to Involve Families in Nursing Practice?: and What Family Care Practices
Soften Illness Suffering
. Invited workshops for Castle Peak Hospital, Hong
January 14 25 Years of Family Nursing Unit: Hot Tips for Success and Errors to Avoid. Invited
Seminar for Caste Peak Hospital, Hong Kong.
January 20/21 Why and How to Involve Families in Nursing Practice?; and What Spiritual Care Practices
Soften Illness Suffering in Patients/Families?
Invited two day workshop for Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand
February 4 What Spiritual Care Practices Soften Illness Suffering with Patients/Families? Invited workshop for Department of Nursing, Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
February 9 Qualitative Research: Hermeneutic Philosophy and Research. Invited workshop for Faculty of Nursing, Burapha University, Chonburi, Thailand
March 9 The Family as the Unit of Care. Invited lectures at University of Navarra, Navarra, Spain.
April 2 Spirituality, Suffering, and Illness: Ideas for Healing and Intervention. Invited keynote at "Fabry Disease and the Family", Replagal Nurse Education Day at Port Credit, Ontario, Canada
June 1 Softening Illness Suffering of Families: What Spiritual Care Practices Made a Difference? Invited Pre-Conference Workshop at 9th International Family Nursing Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland.
June 2 Illness Beliefs Model for Healing Families: Revised and Refreshed. Invited workshop for 9th International Family Nursing Conference. Reykjavik, Iceland. (Presented with Dr Janice M Bell).
Sept 19
Illness, Suffering, and Spirituality: What can Patients/Families Learn from this Connection? Canadian Fabry Association - National Patient Meeting, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Oct 19/20 Models for Interventions; Circles of Influence in Family Nursing: What do we know for sure?;
(Re)Embracing Suffering: One path for spiritual and emotional healing from illness

Workshop and lectures for Center for Shared Decision Making and Nursing Research, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo, Norway.
Nov 4-6 Family Nursing Externship with Dr Janice M. Bell. Invited 3 day workshop for First Forum of Taylor Family and Society Institute, Faculty of Nursing, Mankato, Minnesota.
Nov 13 From Suffering to Hope: How do we help patients/families move to a healing place? Invited keynote for Canadian Network for Asthma Care, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.
Nov 19/20 Spirituality, Suffering, and Illness: What Practices Invite Individual and Family Healing? Invited two day workshop for Faculty of Social Work Professional Development, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada.

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