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I am an international speaker, author, clinician, Professor Emeritus of Nursing, University of Calgary, and world traveler.

Professional Presentation Topics 

I offer lectures/workshops worldwide to health professionals at conferences, universities, and hospitals in the following areas: 

  1. Illness beliefs of patients, families, and health care professionals.
  2. Spirituality, illness suffering, hope, and healing.
  3. Interventions that promote individual, couple, and family healing.

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The 100 Country Quest

I have now visited 67 countries.  My goal is to visit 100 countries to learn more about families and illness suffering and illness beliefs and offer that knowledge to my health professional colleagues.... read more


News & Events

Latest Blog

“I’ve never seen a family interview”: Three Approaches to Transform Practice!

Did you know that most practicing nurses have never observed a therapeutic conversation with a family? more

NEW Family Nursing DVD  

March, 2016 Release Date
Therapeutic Conversations with Families:¬† What’s Love Got to Do With It? ... read more


April 26, 2017 
Illness Beliefs: The Invisible Heart of Healing... read more

April 27, 2017
Suffering, Spirituality, and Illness:  Clinical ideas for Healing Conversations... read more

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